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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kentucky Derby Picks

Someone wondered via email if I even watch the Derby, bein' a canine and all. Well of course I watch. First, we're attracted to lots of fast-movin' things and ya' gotta' admit those equines are movin' fast. Second, it's not often we get to see that much potential dinner-on-the-hoof in one place. Third, it's reeeeally tough to ignore AHM jumpin' up and down and screamin' at that flickerin' lighted thing in the corner.

They also dared me to post our picks before the Derby. Well, I've looked like a fool before and I'll probably do it again, so why not.

So here's the ones we like—but in no particular order.

Big Brown, Colonel John, Visonaire, and Pyro. What makes all these guys so special? They are all descended from Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and/or Alydar.

Now that doesn't mean a longer shot might not sneak through—it is basically a cavalry charge with 20 of 'em all aimin' for the same square foot of ground. (Yeah, I know Visionaire is a long-shot already, but he's got my Michael Matz/Barbaro sympathy vote.)

But if the filly Eight Belles wins, don't look for a Triple Crown winner this year.

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