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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


AHM likes those sort of fancy words, but it's just another expression for thinkin' you're all the kibble 'n some of the bits—like a Demo-cat runnin' for political office.

I waited a few days before writin' about Big Brown's loss in the Belmont, just to make sure he was really okay. After spendin' time readin' the various blogs and comments 'bout the whole thing, AHM and me noticed there were a bunch of people celebratin' his loss. Not 'cause they didn't like him, but because they didn't like the trainer. There were lots of people who thought the horse won the Derby and Preakness 'cause he was shot up with steroids, but when the reporters asked the winnin' trainer (Nick Zito) if Da'Tara was given steroids his answer was—no comment. Can you say "double standard?" From the main stream media? Who'da thought.

But Dutrow was the one with the big mouth—an excess of hubris—and people seem to love seein' those people lose no matter what. Not sure why, considerin' you humans have been shootin' up your pups with the ole' self esteem steroids for years 'n years.

What's more important, though, 'specially in an election year, what happened last Saturday was an a-number-one example of how yankin' people around by the bit, tryin' to force 'em to do what you want 'em to isn't very smart. Kent Desormeaux was so sure he knew what was best for Big Brown—was so set on his plan—he forgot to listen to the horse and lost the race. 'Course maybe he would have lost anyway, but after bein' dragged all over the place within the first few strides and endin' up flirtin' with the outside rail goin' 'round the first turn, no wonder Big Brown gave his jockey the equine equivalent of "Hell no, I won't go."

I've seen handlers in the show ring try doin' the same sort of thing to their dogs with pretty much the same result. At some point the smart dogs say "Nuts to you, buster," and plunk their butts on the ground in protest.

You humans could learn a thing or three from those example. The next time you humans have some fool politician tellin' ya' how to live your life—or how ya' have to "sacrifice" to pay for someone else's health care—just yank that leash outa' their paws and say "Nuts to you, buster!"

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