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Friday, June 04, 2004

One Good Ass Sniff

Humans are pretty stupid--can't see what's right in front of their muzzles. Most people are just blowin' it out their rears. Hell, one good ass sniff is all it takes to figure that out.

That Kerry person is blowin' a real thick cloud. Smells of rancid cheese. Rancid Frenchie cheese. (Gotta' say there was a cute little poodle that caught my fancy at one dog show once--black hair, big brown eyes. But real into diamonds and caviar--wouldn't give a tough guy from the Outback like me a second look. Her loss. I could have shown that froggie bitch a few tricks.)

Same with that Kerry frog. This guy says that someone named Harold calls us too dumb to understand Kerry.

"Raines thinks that Americans are just too stupid to understand Kerry. In fact, that becomes the central point of Raines' entire screed -- that the American public elected Bush out of affinity for his cluelessness, and that Kerry needs to put on an act of simplemindedness in order to get elected."

'Course AHM says Raines got conned by a 20-something kid, so how dumb is he?

Like I said, one good ass sniff…

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