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Friday, September 30, 2005

Help Reunite Pets With Their Humans

People are still livin' with the tragedy of Katrina and Rita, and so are lots 'n lots of lost pets. Safe Haven Helping Hands is expandin' into helpin' paws--and claws, and wings, and…well…whatever pet is lost.

They're startin' a website for uploadin' pictures and descriptions of all the animals who were separated from their humans and need some help. They need volunteer photographers for one…

"One reason there are so many unclaimed animals, is there is no one taking good photos, with different views and cross referencing a full description and location of the animals. Safe Haven Helping Paws will help in this effort. We will provide the web site for immediate uploads and details, and we will make sure the web site can be seen by anyone searching for their pets."

…and some cheap digital cameras.

We have lined up some volunteer photographers to assist with photographing animals in need of reunification. Simple cheap digital cameras will do, no need for high quality, just acceptable for the task. Please email.

In another couple of weeks all the animals in the shelters will be put up for adoption. And…those not adopted in time could be put down.

Other good stuff from Safe Haven:

"We have opened our SECURE online shop for purchasing Wish-U-Well Paks, including items of need and survival kits. Financial donations can be put to immediate use. Please help. Please visit www.safehavennetwork.org and click on the shop icon. We will be offering a Pet Care Package as well."

If ya'll can help, contact Chubby Angel

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