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Monday, October 03, 2005

Canine Service Announcement

Now is the time so many of you out there are eagerly anticipatin' Halloween by pumpin' up the ole' inflatable, lightable Casper which makes keepin' the pups in line durin' our walks a real challenge… 'Course AHM keeps mutterin' stuff about placin' a handful of darts in stragtegic places, which doesn't help.

And, too, with Halloween comes the nearly uncontrollable urge--that some humnas cannot control--to dress up their loyal and (at least until this point) lovin' canine companions.

This year dog hats appear to be the up and comin' fad. Oh, not those sun visors that actually make some sense. Nooooo. I'm talkin' hats that could give Carmen Miranda a run for her money.

(Warnin'! Do not try this at home--please!)

Okay--you've been warned. Now compare:

    Carmen Miranda    Witch Hat
BrazilianBombshell        Witchy Westie

Themed hats are big as well--really, reaaalllly big.

Skull Cap
(I think there's a dog under there somewhere.)

And for dogs with identity issues…

Sylvester Hat

'Course, if ya' want the exotic look for your canine, try this.

Hula Skirt
Or not. Actually, I think this model is howlin' for help.

Last but not least--for the true animal lovers out there--

Cow Coat
--or hard core members of Moooooove-on…

Get a load of that face. Boy, that is one pissed-off puppy.

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