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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Howlin' at the Moon

Had another tragedy 'round here—worse than back when my kid Hem died—and AHM isn't doin' real well. Really not well. We're helpin' with what we can, but I don't think even a warm puppy is gonna' make her better.

Near as we can tell, some big ole' German jackboots ground her into a dirty litter pan then wiped themselves off on all the things she was workin' for. 'Course they said they were sorry, whatever that means. Silly Human Female said that too and I never saw it did any good. I prefer the step-on-me-I-take-a-chunk-outta'-your- privates rebuttal. Can't convince AHM to go along, though. Geeze. Humans!

Anyway, I'll be back from time to time—whenever I can get AHM close to the keyboard.

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