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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Politics and the Wisdom of Dogs

Plus a video to illustrate the point.

If ya' wanna' know how things should be done, pay attention to the dog.

One of the Republican leadership is throwin' a hissy fit 'bout President Bush goin' to China instead of callin' a special session of Congress to vote on oil drillin'.

Even more interestin' is the Demo-cat congressman from Maine callin' on the Republican Senator from Maine to ask for the same thing—as if he couldn't do it himself. Well, probably not 'cause he was the one who cast the decidin' vote on adjournment so it would look sorta' silly. (Final vote on that was 213-212.) 'Course now that Pee-lousey gave "endangered" Demo-cats permission to vote "aye" on the drillin', they want a do-over.

Bush isn't sayin' anythin', but his spokeman is:

"Democratic leaders need to hear from their constituents, from the American people, who support expanding domestic drilling by overwhelming majorities. […] If congressional Democrats listen to their constituents, they will put these issues on the floor for votes when they return."

In other words, ya' made your bed now ya' gotta' lie in it.

Which brings me to the video…

Here's a canine tryin' to get an entrenched fe-lyin' outta' his bed. First he tries draggin' the fool over to his way of thinkin', which never works and is waaay too much work. Then he tries playin' nice, waggin' his tail and askin' politely which generates the typical Demo-cat response—a swat in the face. Finally, he takes extreme measures…

It's the only way to handle fe-lyings and Demo-cats.

Liver Snaps® to Don Surber, Instapundit, and Mostly Dogs Blog.

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