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Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Ask the Dog

Last week I sniffed out a story 'bout how a certain Karen Dawn (who financially supports Bar-ack!) was encouragin' readers of her "non-partisan" email newletter to go to the Defenders of Wildlife website to find Sarah Palin's "real" attitude toward animals.

Based on the rest of her "newsletter," I figure Demo-cat Enviro-wackers will soon be mountin' a huge campaign to demonize Sarah Palin and swing the pet-owner vote.

Today Jonathan Adler at NRO's the Corner is linkin' to a new ad by the Enviro-wackers at Defenders of Wildlife.

The Defenders ad makes it seem like they're just against this type [aerial] of hunting, when in reality they'd like to end wolf hunting altogether. Defenders helped bankroll a ballot initiative that would have effectively banned aerial hunting of wolves, but Alaska voters rejected it at the polls.

The nose knows.

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