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Friday, September 26, 2008

Republicans = Vermin Hunters

It's all in the family.

Considerin' how the enviro-wackers have gone after Sarah Palin, it's interestin' to discover how she came by her beliefs.

Chuck and Sally Heath [parents of Sarah Palin] have been part-time U.S. Department of Agriculture wildlife specialists for the past 15 years, traveling throughout Alaska trapping or killing animals. They've eradicated rat infestations, shooed geese from runways and killed foxes that were keeping threatened Canada geese from nesting.

In January 2002, they went to New York City for a two-week assignment that fit their specialty. Their job was to make sure birds and rats did not disturb the debris from the collapsed World Trade Center towers that was being searched by forensic teams for human remains in Staten Island's Fresh Kills landfill.

They used snap-traps to catch mice and rats and pyrotechnics to scare off the gulls. If the birds persisted, the couple shot them as a last resort, Chuck Heath [said]. They were two of 69 wildlife biologists, technicians and specialists from 23 states who participated in the program, which cost more than $335,000, according to the Agriculture Department.

Let's see how long it takes for the enviro-wackers to start a new round of yellin' 'bout the Heaths actually killin' foxes to protect the geese or shootin' gulls to help forensic teams find victims of 911.

Dug up at Don Surber's blog.

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