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Monday, October 20, 2008


Bar-ack! is a piker compared to the Palin family.

Sarah Palin's personal story has captivated America from the time she was named John McCain's vice-presidential candidate. Yet the Heath family story is a familiar one in Alaska, a pioneer narrative. Her father was a schoolteacher who loved to hunt and fish. They moved to Alaska when Sarah was a newborn.

Todd Palin's roots in Alaska are more complicated and run deeper—all the way back to that sod house on the tundra and the winter day [his great-grandfather] Glass Eye Billy [Bartman] made a freight stop at Tuklung on a dog run to Togiak.

The musher, who had come to Alaska after leaving Holland at 14 as a cabin boy, saw a young woman [whose Yup'ik name was Ahchitmook] dipping water from a frozen creek. The first thing he noticed about her was her fur boots and gorgeous white parka made from the supple fur of reindeer fawn.

American pioneer-style diversity—the kind effete elites loathe.

Dug up at Don Surber's blog.

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