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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kibbles 'n Bits®


Move over Miss Piggy, show business has found its new pink-snouted celebrities -- meet Piggy, Lilly, Pauli and Fredi, the stars of Austria's latest reality show "Pig Brother". Starting Monday and for the next six weeks, the four little piglets will be followed by live cameras and their private lives splashed across the Internet, all part of a marketing ploy by a local food fair.

The goal is to be named "Super Pig".

No word on whether the losers are gonna' end up beside two eggs over easy…

They're not doin' anything 'cept eatin' grass, but the headline is worth it…

Giant Nazi cows on the loose in Britain

More proof the U.S. is in major financial trouble.

Police in Austria were shocked to be asked to investigate after a 69-year-old woman was mugged—by an eagle. The pensioner complained that the bald eagle had swooped down and snatched her bag out of her hand. Klara Maier couldn't believe her eyes when the bird, with its 7ft wing span, landed in the street and pulled the handbag open to check the contents.

Every shrink in Britain is callin'.

Toddler gets foot stuck in potty during toilet training

Ah, yes…brings back fond memories of the time we tossed the cat in the toilet.
Silly Human Female (AHM's former, not-at-all-lamented roommate) thought she'd try toilet trainin' her huge, obnoxious fe-lyin' with one of those "cat seats" they used to sell. AHM pitched a fit, but SHF kept tryin' whenever AHM was at work. We had to take matters into our own paws. Combine motivated pups with a fat cat tryin' to balance on the edge of a toilet and you get a reeeaaally big splash.

Hmmmmm… Sounds like somethin' voters should do to Demo-cats.

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