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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fe-lyin' See, Fe-lyin' Do

I debated 'bout usin' a more familiar expression for the title of this post, but decided I didn't need some thin-skinned Obamanic freakin' out. Besides, y'all know what I really mean to say.

Anyway, it seems the Mutt and his Muttettes have finally made The Big Decision to copy Senator Teddy and get a Portuguese Water dog. Specifically a rescue Portuguese Water dog which is almost impossible. Hopefully dog lovers everywhere will rush to the nearest shelter to rescue every one of 'em from the dire fate of bein' "adopted" by the Mutt et al.

But, in true fe-lyin' form, the decision is still not a final decision…

"Temperamentally they're supposed to be pretty good," [Michelle Obama] said. "From the size perspective, they're sort of middle of the road – it's not small, but it's not a huge dog. And the folks that we know who own them have raved about them. So that's where we're leaning."

See. There's not a Demo-cat in the world who can make a decision without a loophole—aka plausable deniability.

Portuguese Water Dogs are a fairly rare breed similar to poodles that have become popular in recent years because they don't shed. They are native to Portugal's coast, where they have been used by fishers to herd their catch into nets.

Hmmmm… Sounds like the Mutt's political plan to me. No wonder they're "leanin'" in that direction.

But the name is still a source of familial tension in the White House. "Oh, the names are really bad. I don't even want to mention it, because there are names floating around and they're bad," Mrs. Obama said. "I think, Frank was one of them. Frank! Moose was another one of them. Moose. I said, well, what if the dog isn't a moose?"

'Cuse me? They can be up to 60 pounds. It's gonna' be a moose! If she can't accept that, maybe the Muttess better give up on the whole getting'-a-dog idea.

Which brings me back to that "plausable deniability" issue:

People Magazine's interview with Michelle Obama, which suggests that the First Family is looking for a rescued Portuguese water dog that is "old enough" and a "match" for the family dynamic, may not be quite accurate, her press secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld said today. The Chicago Tribune reports: "They have not selected a breed," Lelyveld said. "Mrs. Obama likes the Portuguese water dog, but she is only one of four votes. Their primary focus now is that they get a dog that works with their lifestyle."

And the wheels of the bus go 'round and 'round.

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