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Friday, March 22, 2013


Getting’ up to speed on Twitter in spite of that ole’ dog new tricks problem. AHM works seven days a week so considerin’ I still have that pesky opposable thumbs issue, havin’ her post my tweets is hit or miss by a mile. (Everything is behind a firewall at that liberal litter pan agency of hers. Not sure how so many other govt. people manage to get in trouble porn-surfin’. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot they’re all Weinerized liberals!) Actually I wasn’t even gonna’ try except I ran across a truly vile beast of a Democat fe-lyin’ spittin’ ‘n hissin’ his crude tweets at anyone who doesn’t think like him. Gotta’ call the lyin’ Russian Commie Blue out once and a while. I’ll get it eventually. As every fe-lyin’ in the neighborhood has discovered, terriers are tenacious

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