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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Praise the Lord!

…and smack Joe Biden outside the head.

“Vice President Joe Biden wants pastors, rabbis and nuns to tell their flocks that enacting gun control is the moral thing to do.” […]

Ever the idiot Demo-cat, Biden has no clue about the role ministers, preachers, and chaplains played in U.S. history.

Like Pastor James Caldwell of the Elizabeth, New Jersey Presbyterian Church. When the NJ militia ran out of wadding for their muskets in the midst of battle, Caldwell, galloped to his church, and returned with an armload of hymn-books to use instead. The British murdered both he and his wife, and burned his church. (Piers Morgan would probably approve.)

Or Pastor John Muhlenberg of Woodstock, Virginia, who told his flock the time to preach was past. "It is now," he cried, "the time to fight." To his disapproving brother he wrote:

"You may say that as a clergyman nothing can excuse my conduct. I am a clergyman, it is true, but I am a member of society as well as the poorest layman, and my liberty is as dear to me as any man. I am called by my country to its defence. The cause is just and noble. Were I a Bishop.....I should obey without hesitation; and as far am I from thinking that I am wrong, I am convinced it is my duty so to do - a duty I owe to my God and my Country."

“Monday's session reflects an attempt to broaden the coalition calling for new gun laws to include a wide array of religious groups—including evangelicals and conservative faith communities.

"There were some very powerful evangelical leaders in the room who needed to be reassured," said Pastor Michael McBride of the PICO National Network, a faith-based organizing network.”

He’s from San Francisco. ‘Nuf said.

“Citing what he described as misinformation from the National Rifle Association and others, Biden said the renewed push for gun control must correct misconceptions about what the proposals do and don't do, participants said. He asked clergy to keep up the pressure and to reframe the debate for their followers in moral terms.”

Strange how Demo-cats want nothin’ to do with “religious beliefs” unless they can use ‘em to further their quest for power. An Infamous Dictator of the Past used the same tactic.

“A spokeswoman for Biden declined to comment on the meeting. But Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, executive vice president of the Rabbinical Assembly,…”

And a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, aka “community organizer.”

“…said a diverse spectrum of denominations and religious orders were represented. She said they included evangelical leaders Richard Cizik…”

Who’s an environmental wacko and Global Warming advocate.

“…and Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham,…”

Still rebellin’ against Dad. Wonder if Franklin knows Sam Houston of Texas was a Baptist lay leader and five ministers were part of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

“…as well as Sister Marge Clark of Network, a Catholic group.”

She’s a lobbyist with Network, “…a progressive voice within the Catholic community that has been influencing Congress in favor of peace and justice for more than 40 years.”

Whenever an activist cries “peace and justice,” you know you’re not gonna’ get either one.

Throughout American history—the history Obama/Biden intend to “transform”—pastors have always stood and fought for our freedoms. In 1943 the No. 1 song as recorded by Kay Kyser and His Orchestra was “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition,” believed to be inspired by a true story.*

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
And we'll all stay free

Praise the Lord and swing into position
Can't afford to be a politician
Praise the Lord, we're all between perdition
And the deep blue sea

*”An officer in charge of an ammunition line on the USS New Orleans during the [December 1941 Japanese] attack [on Pearl Harbor] said that, "I heard a voice behind me saying, 'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.' I turned and saw Chaplain [Howell] Forgy [Lieutenant (j.g.)] walking toward me, along the line of men. He was patting them on the back and making that remark to cheer and keep them going. I know it helped me a lot, too."

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