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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Small Crunchy Bites

Official restaurant of bloggers opens in Philadelphia.

"Here's a novel shot at a new restaurant concept: An eatery devoted to serving breakfast cereal. Cereality, a Boulder, Colorado, company this Wednesday opens its first full scale, sit-down restaurant, near the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

"The Philly location will serve 33 kinds of name-brand cereal, along with Cereality-created cereals, and specialty items like cereal bars…

"Cereality servers wear pajamas. The restaurants are starting out near college campuses, because as the New York Times reported several weeks ago on its front page, cereal is all the rage as the latest college eating trend. Cereality, which already has a cafe operating at Arizona State in Tempe, has all the air of a clever idea that will run its course.

Another one bites the dust. MSNBC outs ABC who fell for Fark fake.

With apologies to Flip Wilson… (Haven't gotta' clue who that is, but AHM says he was great.) ...the devil made 'em do it.

"La Mesa, Calif., police Sgt. Daniel Willis testified that Romero told him he was sorry for telling three women who went to his church the "devil would physically harm them and he could protect them if they had sex with him."…

"A woman…testified that she had gone to [Carlos] Romero's [National City, CA] church for about a year and came back in 2000. She said she met the defendant in Fashion Valley last January. "He told me that there was a revelation from God," [she] said. "He told me that I had already been attacked by the devil, that I could only stop this by having sexual relations with him."…

"Another woman testified that Romero told her the devil would leave her "gravely wounded" if she did not have sex with him."

And the scent of that story tracks straight to this reader's letter at NRO's The Corner defining "Satanaut."

"…a Satanaut is one who takes no responsibility for his transgressions, but, rather, blames someone else…

"Thus, if I were to libel someone by publishing forged Texas National Guard memoranda and if my calumny were to be exposed as a fraud, as a full-fledged Satanaut, I would exclaim, 'Hey, don't look at me; Satan ought to take the rap.'

"Ergo, Satanaut."

Hey, don't look at me

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