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Monday, November 22, 2004

This Dog Wants...

…to know who over at Drew Fark's spends their time Googling the word "anal."

Okay--it's Boingers not Farkers. And now that this blog has gotten an "R" ratin', below are the updates on Target's entertainment store. Now I know why their spokesdog is wearin' that red bullseye disguise.

Wanna' protest Target's policy? Go here.

UPDATE I: For Nemmeran who likes backrubs… Another special DVD that may (or may not) hit the target for ya'. And if you MUST see the cover to believe what they're peddlin', here ya' go. Amazin' what can be called "holistic health" these days. I'm gonna' think about a career change…

UPDATE II: The cover of the previous DVD explains the cover of this CD, also available at Target: Anal Cabaret - A Tribute to Soft Cell by Leaether Strap. Yes, it is a real CD.

I'm goin' back to rubber duckies.

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