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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Bloggin' is Supposed to be Fun

At least I thought so. But I'm not one of those serious sites full of high faultin' phraseology and $1,000 words. Not that I can't be serious and look at things from a different angle. (Don't have a choice, really, since I'm only 12" high. Talk about seein' the dirty underside…)

Apparently some people (like the Daily Kos) are usin' this 2004 Weblog Awards votin' as a way to get back at conservatives in particular and Bush supporters in general. Guess they're still mad about how a certain pack of bloggers hunted down their pet Dan Rather and the bogus memos story. NRO's The Corner mentioned it this morning and I think the votin' rules have been changed by now.

I didn't make the final cut, but hey, there was no category for the best animal blog. 'Course after lookin' around at some of the other dog/cat/bird/hamster blogs I can sorta' see why it wasn't included. I got a couple of good ones listed in my blogroll--like Hollywood Dog (who isn't returnin' my calls) and Wonderdog Cal. But people are takin' their elimination waaayyy too seriously and bitchin' up a storm.

Geeze. Talk about out of touch with reality! Deal with it people.

All that bein' said (shameless plug ahead)… Don't forget to vote for the Homespun Bloggers and all the separate members who've been nominated.

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Blogger GoNavy25 said...

Some people can get carried away with winning that they have to cheat on an online poll.

10:02 PM  

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