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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kibbles 'n Bits®

Study launched on why cats attack.

Because they're fe-lyings.

"Animal behaviour experts are launching a study into why cats sometimes bite their owners when stroked…"

Because they're fe-lyings.

"Professor Daniel Mills said: "Many owners are bitten or threatened by their cats when they play with them or when they are stroking them. "There are many theories as to why so-called 'petting aggression' occurs."

Because they're fe-lyings!

"It could be a sign that the cat is simply getting fed up with the owner, or it could be a response to the ecstasy of being stroked, or it could be the cat trying to assert control."

Or it could be BECAUSE THEY'RE FE-LYINGS!! Geeze! Wise up, already.

'Course those fe-lyings could have been flyin' high from sniffin' catnip

"Judith McCullough is the owner of Blue Rat, a Hatboro, Pennsylvania company that sells organic "Ratherbee" catnip, which the company and many pet stores claim is the world's strongest. McCullough said the growing and harvesting of catnip also improves its potency."

Ratherbee catnip? Well, that certainly explains why the Demo-cat-slanted MSM has been publishin' so many hallucinations.

Or…it could just be a "syndrome." Isn't everythin' a syndrome? Wait for it--in a coupla' months aquaphobia will become "Katrina Syndrome." There's even a "syndrome" for dumb fe-lyings…

"High-rise syndrome claims the lives of less fortunate felines."

Notice the obligatory panderin' to the "…less fortunate felines" trapped in the poverty and despair of the "high-rise" projects.

"What happened? "We kept the litter box on the balcony," explained Vides. The cats had seemed to know not to go near the edge - where access was blocked by clusters of plants, bicycles and odds and ends stored against the railings. Apparently, after a potty break, Rajah's curiosity literally sent him over the edge."

Sheesh! Ever hear 'bout "curiosity," Rajah? 'Specially when it's combined with "cat?"

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