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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Access to New Orleans for Animal Rescue

From Mary Jane Goodrich posting at the Katrina Found Pets site.

"Please help.

"Here is information regarding access to New Orleans for animal
rescue. My daughter is a nurse there and said there is a desperate
need to rescue these animals immediately. There is only 1 ASPCA
truck for a whole city of animals.

"Take I-10 as close to New Orleans as possible. Pull over and call this contact number (paramedics) 919-259-0281. There are people that care about the animals there and will get you in. They are expecting our help.

"She witnessed (tonight) over 150 dogs on the roof of the American Can Company that need immediate help and many animals that are tied up in houses. The temperatures in these places is over 140 degrees. The animals can’t hold on much longer.

"They need leashes, cat carriers and FOOD."

Don't forget help is still needed in Waveland, Miss.

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