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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Reuters Photo
"A horse stands in floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina in St. Bernard Parish near New Orleans, Louisiana September 3, 2005."

Mat Drudge had this Reuters picture front and center on his site this evenin'. 'Course, bein' Drudge, there was no link to it or credit cited so it took some time to find it on the 'net. Hope someone from a horse rescue organization gets to the poor guy. Hope people know there even is a horse rescue organization they could donate to--with a hotline (225-578-9501) for those who had to leave their horses behind when they fled.

Hey, I tried gettin' out the news. Even tried to join in the big ole' Bloggin' for Katrina Relief Day. And tried, and tried, and tried. But… Guess the big honchos weren't interested enough in pets to include my little link. Too to busy obsessin' over pictures of a bunch of flooded school buses, I suppose. Okay, I'm just a little guy, and used to bein' ignored. Most of the time I don't care 'cause I'm havin' fun makin' fun of you humans and fe-lyings and Demo-cats. This time I cared.

Yeah, yeah--save humans first--blah, blah, blah. Then I surf around, hear 'bout what's happenin' and wonder--why? So you can whine at the rescue workers that your free meal wasn't frickin' hot!? So you can go to another city and rob and rape and murder? And while we're on that subject--why isn't the MSM carryin' reports of all the robbin' and crap goin' on over in Mississippi and Alabama? I mean, there were huge casinos washed ashore. Talk about rich pickin's. Or is it that there isn't any of that stuff happenin'? No reports from the on-the-spot blogger I read.

You think savin' pets isn't important, I suppose. Lots of people do--read a blog where some were suggestin' those people still stuck in NO should start eatin' 'em. So maybe that picture up there should be captioned "Dinner is Served." 'Course you humans might wanna' think about havin' to deal with packs of feral dogs abandoned and real hungry about now. The best you can say about them is--at least they don't have guns…

And thank the Dog God I won't have to be dealin' with the stench. That won't be goin' away for months. When AHM was a wee pup, her great-grandmother (who was over 700 years old in dog years) told her stories about when she was a wee pup--livin' in Gettysburg, PA--in 1863! AHM doesn't remember much 'cept that her great-grandma kept talkin' 'bout the smell of the dead horse in front of the house. And the flies--and other crawly things that come from flies.

Hmmmm… Speakin' of crawly things… Don't see PETA anywhere near NO, do you? They're askin' for money for themselves at their website, but I don't see one itty, bitty little mention of them sendin' crews down to help. But if you send 'em money, they'll be more than happy to issue a news bulletin tellin' ya' when bad weather is approachin'.

Anyway--I hope all the various organizations are getting' the volunteers and donations and money they need. They better really be usin' it to rescue and shelter the animals--and reunitin' 'em with their humans--or I'll find 'em and give their legs a good humpin'.

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