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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dog Bloggin' for Katrina Relief

List of Pet Rescue Links Here.

Pard SwiftThat ole Pard's Swift's Dog Food ad from the '40s really says it all. When everythin' else is gone, often the one comfort left is a pet companion. Our little family's lived through a bunch of near disasters. The oldsters talk about sittin' on the ranch house porch in CA watching a wildfire eat its way closer 'n closer, while lumberin' great tanker planes almost took off the roof en route to drop gallons of water on the blaze. They were ready to go--food, water, kennels loaded in the car, harnesses on, leashes 'round AHM's neck in preparation… We were ready a couple of years ago, too, when we ended up as the center red dot on a hurricane's bullseye.

And we had a place to go to--somewhere we were as welcome as AHM. But the people of New Orleans aren't so lucky. They've lost everything. Now they could lose their pets as well, since many hotels and shelters won't take 'em.

Which is where E.A.R.S.--Emergency Animal Rescue Service--comes in. (Contact: (916) 429-2457. Check 'em out here.)

"[In 1987] EARS [was] formed to rescue and care for animals left behind during natural and man-made disasters. Called the "Red Cross for Pets" by the Wall Street Journal, thousands of animals have been saved during more than 50 disasters."

EARS coordinates relief and shelterin' services for pets who must be separated from their companions--or who have lost their humans and have no where to turn.

"The EARS leadership team has notified emergency management officials in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana of our free animal disaster relief and sheltering services.

"…already 500 volunteers from all 50 states and one Canadian province have told us they are willing and able to respond when EARS is deployed. These volunteers include 12 large animal rescuers, 27 veterinary technicians, 8 veterinarians, 15 wildlife rehabilitators and 9 animal shelter managers/directors. Additionally, 6 people have offered land in the area to serve as an EARS staging area, 15 will provide transportation, and 16 horse trailers have been offered along with 2 mobile veterinary clinics, 48 trucks and 20 RVs.

"We were just notified this morning [August 31] that we are being activated to respond to Louisiana. Our first goal is to assist with the rescue of a reported 175 animals who are at a Metairie animal hospital, which is now flooding. [We are] determining how best to reach the area, where [we] will assess the specific needs - of both skills and equipment - necessary to safely transport these animals, and others who require rescue - from the area to a safer place."

Sure humans always come first. But if you've got an extra dollar or two, EARS could sure use your help. If ya' wanna' donate supplies or services, sign up here.

And give your pet an extra treat tonight--just because…

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds and NZ Bear for doin' the heavy liftin' on this blogburst.

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Blogger alena said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!

12:32 AM  

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