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Saturday, August 27, 2005

There She Goes…Again

AHM's been ridin' the ole' Wayback Machine ever since she read the Miss American pagent is leavin' Atlantic City. Not that she ever attended, but she went to college with the daughter of one of the pageant directors.

Then, while she was talkin' with a friend, they discovered they both used to visit AC when they were pups--and stayed in the same hotel, at the same time and never met each other. 'Course that was all back in somethin' BC (Before Canines) and she says the good stuff is long gone thanks to gamblin' and the wreckin' ball. All that's left is a bunch of names on a Monopoly board. Must admit I woulda' liked to have seen a horse go off a divin' board [They really didn't--just sort of slid down a ramp into a pool~AHM]--or the real live Mr. Peanut walkin' up and down the Boardwalk (bet he had really big shoes to whizz on)--or stayed in this hotel:

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Naturally that reminded me of this headline…

Police Recover Man's Body From Elephant Butte

…which now makes perfect sense.

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