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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So--Pets Aren't Important, Huh?

UPDATE 9/6/05: Floritta Greve and her dog Dusty were picked up in a boat by Geraldo Rivera within hours of her call to FOX NEWS. Sean Penn still bailing…

UPDATE: There's still time to donate to one of these organizations.

Greg Hlatky and the borzois recommend the AKC Companion Animal Relief fund. Along with the pet victims, they're aidin' the Search and Rescue dogs and their handlers helpin' with the relief effort. 100 percent of your donation goes to help. Sadly, we're gonna' be needin' those S&R volunteers a lot in the next few weeks.

Post from Rich Lowry at NRO's The Corner

"[Pet lovers] were probably disproportionately among those who decided to stay. On Fox [this afternoon] a 71-yeard old woman called in who is trapped in her house. She stayed there because she had no way to take her 15-year old dog Dusty with her and wasn't going to leave him behind to starve."

While we're on the subject…does anyone have information about what happened to "Snowball" after he was callously ripped from the arms of his little human by NO police? He was a Yorkshire terrier (sorta' our cousins) and I'd really like to hear they were reuinted.

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