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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Anti-Canine PETA Correctness.

As if it's not bad enough you humans pass laws to forcably sterilize some of us (a lá Margaret Sanger in her early days), now you're presentin' us as degradin' symbols. This is caninism at it's worst. While felyings are encouraged to use the john, dogs are mocked and degraded by biogoted (not to mention sexist) humans.

"Re-enacting [in Des Moines, Iowa] "The Toilet Drinker," a fur-clad woman on all fours will mimic what some family dogs have been doing for years. The skits remind us that there are some things that only animals should get away with—and wearing fur is one of them."

I have never taken a sip or a slurp from a toilet. Ever. (Okay, so I'm too short and the one time I tried I fell in. That's beside the point.) Mannerly, well-adjusted canines do not need to drink from toilets to make a statement. Implyin' we do merely encourages negative stereotypes that lead to more discrimination.

My feelings are frayed--my psyche pummeled--my dignity diminished--my self-esteem shattered. Where's the PC police? Where's the EOC? Where's FEMA? I want a lawyer. I want compensation for this insult--reparations for my tarnished reputation!

(On the other paw--what can you expect from someone named Moni Woweries?)

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