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Sunday, October 09, 2005


What are the Japanese thinking? I know they're dog-mad--even wrote about 'em rentin' dogs by the hour just to get some puppy love. But this is goin' too far.


"Honda Japan has designed dog friendly car, termed as the WOW concept. WOW stands for Wonderful [O]pen hearted [W]agon. A special crate for dogs in the glove apartment allows owners to interact with their pets while driving."

Now I don't know 'bout other canines, but I like to do my interactin' with an open window and fresh air. A glove compartment is cramped, hot, smelly, dark, and definitely not a canine "apartment." And, to be honest, there's waaaay too much interactin' goin' on when you humans get behind the wheel anyway. (Someone tell me what's so important ya' have keep a cell phone plastered to your ear while doin' 75 mph down the freeway?) So now the Japanese wanna' add dog-howlin' to the cell phones, blastin' radio/CDs, fightin' kids, and blarin' in-car DVDs.


  'Course if all of 'em are this WOW green, at
  least we'll have a fightin' chance to get out of
  your way.

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