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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothin' Left to Lose

Those fe-lyin' libs yowlin' over the fake "domestic" eavesdroppin' business haven't just jumped the shark, they've hurdled an entire pod of killer whales.

Even among we canines there are those who are Demo-cats in dog's fur, and they're bouncin' around like a Jack Russell on speed, yappin' about all the freedoms we've lost fightin' the War on Terror.

One pseudo-pup chasin' keeps his tail 'bout the NSA listenin' to terrorists' phone conversations—like he never heard of Echelon. Actually he admits he knows about it, but says it was only created to monitor overseas conversations and Bush has gone waaaay off the deep end.

Hmmm… Then I guess Certain Other People didn't use that overseas Echelon program to check for who might be usin' words and phrases like "Monica" or "Bubba the Love Sponge."

What's really weird, though, is neither pseudo-pup nor any of the other yowlin' Demo-cats seem the least bit concerned 'bout gadgets like OnStarTM intrudin' on their privacy. Guess they think an electronic device that tells mysterious powers-that-be where you are every nano-second isn't any loss of freedom.

Get a clue, people! 'Cept for Jews and Christians who can't speak 'bout their faith in public…

…or citizens who can't carry a gun for their own defense…

…or homeowners who lose their houses so a luxury hotel can have the land…

…or Goggle/Yahoo/ AOL trackin' everyone's web browsin'…

…or all those cameras watchin' people doin' their walkin' 'n bankin' 'n shoppin' 'n drivin…

…we haven't lost one single freedom!

On the other paw…

Bubba the Love Sponge?!

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