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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ewwww Moments in Time

Adult on baby "affectionate handling" and kissin' "…on the lips."

"Someone adopted a baby raccoon and passed it around to everyone they knew and kissed it on the lips," [Clair] Boatwright said. “There was a lot of affectionate handling."

It's a-liiiiive!

"A North Texas woman says she was repulsed by what she found at the bottom of a bag of movie popcorn. A live mouse. She said the movie theatre has been slow to fix the situation."

From tastin' bad to bad taste—or both.

"A painter in India is giving fans a taste of his talents by using his tongue instead of a brush to create works of art."

When hypochondriacs get together, they play Infected, the Card Game.

"Infected is a game designed for 2-10 people. To play: simply draw a card and use your body to communicate your new affliction to the other players, if someone guesses the illness in a timely manner [without tossin' their Liver Snaps®], the amount of points indicated on the card are awarded to both the infected person and the player who diagnoses them."

With full ewwww-inspirin' illustrations.

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