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Monday, October 27, 2008

To All Innocent Fifth Columnists

In 1941 the U.S. was clingin' to isolationism, refusin' to get involved with what everyone was callin' the European War. They were more concerned with draggin' their financial way out of the Great Depression. Fightin' Hitler's Germany for freedom on the Continent and Great Britain wasn't worth the time or money or lives of American soldiers. In fact, FDR got himself elected to a third term on the promise of stayin' out of that war business. Sounds sorta' familiar, doesn't it?

(As an aside, is anyone out there worryin' Bar-ack! is already figurin' on a way to run for a third term himself? Or are ya' confident that, once in office, the opposition will actually manage to expose him for the charlatan he is?)

Okay, back to the important stuff.

Apathy is sinkin' McCain. Can't say we're crazy 'bout the guy, but we figure he won't try re-writin' the Constitution—or rip it up entirely. Apathy was sinkin' hope of American help to Great Britain in 1941.

In response, Ayn Rand wrote a open letter that, when ya' change just a few phrases and sentences here and there, could be sent today to every "unexcited-by-McCain" Reublican and Independent voter.

And considerin' what we know about Bar-ack! and his cronies, I'm not apologizin' for implyin' he'd slip easily into the role of Dictator.

Don't delude yourself with slogans and meaningless historical generalizations. It can happen here. It can happen anywhere. And a country's past history has nothing to do with it. Totalitarianism is not a new product of historical evolution. It is older than history. It is the attempt of the worthless and the criminal to seize control of society. That element is always there, in any country. But a healthy society gives it no chance. It is when the majority in a country becomes weak, indifferent and confused that a criminal minority, beautifully organized like all gangs, seizes the power. And once that power is seized it cannot be taken back for generations. Fantastic as it may seem to think of a dictatorship in the United States, it is much easier to establish such a dictatorship than to overthrow it. With modern technique and modern weapons at its disposal, a ruthless minority can hold millions in slavery indefinitely. What can one thousand unorganized, unarmed men do against one man with a machine gun?

And the tragedy of today is that by remaining unorganized and mentally unarmed we are helping to bring that slavery upon ourselves. By being indifferent and confused, we are serving as innocent Fifth Columnists of our own destruction.

I'm hardly a blip on the political bloggin' radar, but I'm hopin' ya' take the time to read the entire letter, and forward at least this little bit to as many people as you can before November 4.

Emphasis mine.

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