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Sunday, November 09, 2008


November 9, 1938: Kristallnacht.

November 9, 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall.

November 9, 2008: The Mutt shows his claws.

President-elect Obama plans to use his executive powers to make an immediate impact when he takes office, perhaps reversing Bush administration policies on stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas. […]

"There's a lot that the president can do using his executive authority without waiting for congressional action, and I think we'll see the president do that," [John] Podesta said.

UPDATE: The hell with just showin' his claws—the Mutt's goin' straight for dictator.

Plans are being made to promote a national holiday for Barack Obama, who will become the nation's 44th president when he takes the oath of office Jan. 20.

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