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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Wanna' Bite Someone

There is waaaaayyy too much of this sort of kitty litter bein' hacked up by pundits who wanna' be looooved by the new regime.

But we have a black president, and that’s an important distinction to make, because it means something. It means this nation has progressed. […] Progress is something to be proud of.

Progress for the sake of progress isn't progress. A dog chasin' his tail can "progress" across the lawn while spinnin' in wild circles.

Bar-ack!'s got the tail-spinnin' down already.

The comments on that post are priceless and show exactly how those kind of pundits are beginnin' to sound like they're auditionin' for an anchor chair at MSNBC. But the best comment of all is from a non-American. A South African, in fact, who knows somethin' about racism and havin' black presidents

My country, South Africa, has had a couple of black presidents now, largely due to American pressure. I must say, it hasn’t worked out all that well, for us or our neighbour, Rhodesia. Come to that, it hasn’t worked out well for any country that’s tried it, so far. Maybe you’ll be luckier. Maybe this time…

I wouldn’t count on it, though. You are about to get a valuable education. I pray that you will learn from it.

And let me forestall the avalanche of name-calling that I know is coming. Yes, I am a racist. The name offends me not at all. Everybody who has lived in Africa is a racist, black or white. That is, we are not deceived into believing that all races are the same. Experience is a great teacher.

You have elected a man who despises your culture, who uses lawyers’ tricks to subvert your democratic process, who has the thinnest resume of any President to date, and whose record (such as it is) is the most radical. All in the Hope! of absolution from your sin of racism. Well, I’m afraid there will be no absolution. Your race problems are not over. They’re just beginning.

Believe me, I say that with no malice. I love the American people. I have two generations of descendants in America. I don’t blame the American people for what their government did to my country. Well, now they’re doing it to you, too.

I hope you can recover.

I know most of you hate me now, and I’ll try to live with that somehow. But remember what I’ve said, and check back with me in four years.

Okay people. Stop talkin' 'bout lookin' toward 2012 and start workin' to have conservatives take back the House and Senate in 2010.

Oh, and Bar-ack!

Bite me.

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