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Sunday, February 01, 2009

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job."

From The Anchoress

Americans are freezing and dying but I guess I’ve missed Anderson Cooper flying to the midwest and crying and Geraldo shouting, “where is the help?” I guess I’ve missed members of the press demonizing President Obama for eating steak and having cocktails with the press while people are freezing and without food.

Havin' lived through ice storms and hurricanes, we lucked out on two fronts—three if ya' understand AHM knew the wisdom of buyin' more than bread and milk when the warnings were issued: 1) a wood-burnin' fireplace with plenty of wood and 2) the sheer number of warm bodies plied together. You've heard the expression three-dog-night? We had seven-dog nights and no one bared a tooth.

Why is this going on for almost a week without the president going in there and fixing everything? It’s been way more than 100 hours! Where is Obama? Why does the government not show us what is really going on? Where are the pictures of stranded people? We want to see the pictures! People have died! Show us the bodies!

Yep, Brownie's doin' a heck of somethin'-or-other.

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