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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prophet with Paws

Over a year ago I told ya'll not to vote for the Mutt Bar-ack! 'cause it was obvious he couldn't make up his mind 'bout somethin' as simple as gettin' a pet for his kids.

More importantly, the Obama family has no pets, though Daddy Obama has been promisin' his kids a dog. (Can you say Labrador Retriever?) Hmmmmm… So far he hasn't followed through. Far as I'm concerned, that makes all those other promises he’s slingin’ around smell worse than the turkey carcass that went missin’ the day after Christmas and you found wedged behind the clothes dryer a week later.

Okay, so I predicted a Labrador Retriever and, accordin' to the latest, he's considerin' a Labradoodle. That smells like another example of the Mutt tryin' to be all things to all people. Labrador = Demo-cat canine of choice; Poodle = the people's choice. Supposedly he's also thinkin' 'bout gettin' a Portuguese water dog which, of course, is a thinly disguised attempt to link himself to the Kennedy mystique. (I'm gettin' my water wings ready.)

Like I said, "…if he can't keep a promise to his own kids, what the hell can the rest of us expect?"

Well, everyone's learnin' too late.

It is not exactly like taking heat for his position on the Gaza conflict, but Mr. Obama is sparking criticism from those who spend time thinking about these things for his family’s drawn-out search, their “naivete” and their “conflicting public statements” on exactly what kind of pooch the family is looking for.

“I’m frustrated with the Obamas. Just get a dog already,” said Daisy Okas, a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club, who said she has heard from many angry dog owners in recent days over how the Obama’s have been handling what has become, to them at least, a politically charged issue. […]

Even so, Mr. Obama’s public remarks about the dog have been exasperating to some. “He just keeps making statements that are incompatible,” said Ms. Okas, of the American Kennel Club.

You're just figurin' that out now? He's been doin' it for the past two years.

Just another Demo-cat hackin' up hairballs.

Next time—listen to the damn dog!

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