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Friday, March 22, 2013

Just A Reminder…

…to that Russian Commie Blue (and any other misguided fe-yings out there). Without dogs there’d be no world as we know it for him to hack up putrid hairballs like this:
“Luigi Proud DemoCat!‏ [Twitter handle removed]@hardball @hardball_chris I heard @SenTedCruz worships Satan in his basement and screws 7 year old virgins on his alter before killing them”
Ya’ can tell from his Twitter description he’s nothin’ more than a mangy alley cat prancin’ along the back fence at midnight yowlin’ in ball-less frustration.
“My name is Luigi and I'm a DemoCat! Discrimination & prejudice are not American Values, so Republicans are Un-American! Dallas, Texas”
Fe-lyings are just pathetic…
“Luigi Proud DemoCat!‏ [Twitter handle removed]So, @laurawbush, the bigoted cunt who murdered her boyfriend wants 2 b removed from an equality ad? No surprise there @politicsnation @msnbc”
…and inferior
“Dogs have spent thousands of years earning the title “man’s best friend” while cats spent that time perfecting the art of spitting up hairballs. Your dog would rather sleep outside on the ground with you than inside a warm, comfortable house. Your cat is kind of hoping you’ll die so he can eat you. Dogs use the bathroom outside. Cats stink up your house by insisting on using a litter box. Dogs are renowned for their loyalty. Cats are mainly known for murdering small animals and dropping them in front of their owners in an attempt to horrify and intimidate them. The very fact that dogs chase cats is actually proof that they’re concerned about the welfare of human beings and are trying to stop them from getting cat cooties.”
…and should be eliminated. Canines, OTOH, are demonstratively superior.
“Yawn next to your dog, and she may do the same. Though it seems simple, this contagious behavior is actually quite remarkable: Only a few animals do it, and only dogs cross the species barrier. Now a new study finds that dogs yawn even when they only hear the sound of us yawning, the strongest evidence yet that canines may be able to empathize with us.”
If a fe-lyin’ screeches on a trash heap, does anybody hear? Does anyone besides Chris Matthews care? Bite me!

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