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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kibbles 'n Bits®

What’s in a name?

There’s some fool named Touré over at MSNBC and Twitter who’s trashin’ Dr. Ben Carson right, left, and sideways for bein’ a black man who doesn’t toe the Democat line. He’s even gone back to the stupid “you didn’t build that” meme by sayin’ Dr. Carson used government loans to finance his education. Well, Touré is really Toure Neblett, Emory college dropout. Neblett! Neblett! Sounds like that little piece of corn that gets stuck between your teeth when you’re gnawin’ on a cob. Just as annoyin’, too.

Sun and Coca-Cola®

The Mutt’s pups get to frolic their Spring vacation away in the Bahamas with taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection. Average American schoolkids, who saved all year to visit Washington, DC and the White House, are locked out by the Obama Administration ‘cause they can’t afford the Secret Service protection for tours. Anyone who claims the little darlin’s deserve their privacy in this situation really, really doesn’t get it.

He should have been called a Demo-Cat Burglar

”He identified a Robin Hood streak in himself, too, asserting in his memoirs that he had been “sent by God to take back some of the wealth that the outrageously rich had taken from the rest of us”. “Scott was also a past-master in self-justification of his crimes and misdemeanors: “The people I burgled got rich by greed and skullduggery. They indulged in the mechanics of ostentation — they deserved me and I deserved them.”

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