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Thursday, May 16, 2013

State of the Obama Administration

Photo: Shelly Hayashi/Facebook

There’s an analogy in this story if ya’ can find it.

“Fowl play? Giant rubber duck drowns in Hong Kong

“(CNN) -- Hong Kong's favorite new resident, a giant inflatable duck, took a turn for the worse on Wednesday, looking less like an oversized lovable plaything and more like an unappetizing fried egg on the water.

“The 16.5-meter (54 feet) inflatable sculpture mysteriously lost its mojo overnight, deflated and bobbed lifelessly in Victoria Harbour.

“Organizers called an urgent duck crisis meeting early Wednesday and didn't immediately respond to questions about the misfortunes of the duck or whether the deflation was part of regular maintenance, as reported in some local media.”

Bet ya’ emails were bein’ edited on the fly.

“Much later in the day, organizers responded and said it was a planned deflation. Why it took so long to clarify and why officials had to get senior management approval to make such a statement seems a little odd and naturally, this got Hong Konger's busy with the popular pastime of gossiping.”

None of the “senior management” was available for comment, however their hand-picked spokesperson made numerous television appearances to discuss the matter.

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