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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Whooo Boy!

Has AHM been in a mood these past few days! And I don't think it has anything to do with that silly horse losing last weekend (although the language she used yelling at the TV I wouldn't call a cat!). Didn't let me near the computer. I'm not a lap dog (shudder) but she was so upset I gave her a few minutes of my time to help her feel better.

I know now she's upset about Reagan dying--gets all teary whenever another "official" event takes place. Didn't know the man myself, but my dad did. Well, he said he saw him back in '84 when he went to vote in California. (Reagan, not Dad.) Claims he was right up front in the crowd and the Prez and First Lady actually stopped, pointed, grinned and waved at him. Knowing my Dad the actor (really), he was probably all gussied up with red, white, and blue Reagan/Bush stuff, so no wonder. Grand Dam Bitch Mom claims it happened, so I guess I'll buy it.

Reagan sounds like he was a good guy. Probably was a dog person. We canines judge a lot by voices and his sounded nice. (Much nicer than that raspy scratch of the other fe-lying President guy AHM yelled about.) She tries to get me to listen, but, hey, I'm a dog okay? The latest guy in charge sounds all right, but the other one… Geeze! Bor-ring. Has the voice of a cat person--all superior and condescending--and everyone knows you can pretty much ignore them. The screaming guy was kinda' fun, but he scared the shit out of Little Girl--almost as much as a thunderstorm.

Uh oh--AHM is starting again. Gotta' go do some lap time.

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