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Friday, August 27, 2004

Dogging Barney

I'm still tryin' for a muzzle to muzzle interview with DOTUS Barney and he's still dodging the issue. Jimmy Orr (the White House internet guy) claims he wants the White House to be "bloggier." Well, here's their chance. Could make some points, considering I've got an international readership.

(Barney used to have a blog of his own, but no one's helped him update it. I offered to do the job--for a reasonable fee, of course--very reasonable--unfortunately he hasn't responded.)

'Course this could be the reason Barney's keepin' a low profile. And considerin' his profile is pretty low to start with, that's really low.

"We have updated our Band of Brothers chart in the style of the New York Times and have discovered that Texas Republicans, the KKK, and an unknown dog are behind the pro-Kerry veterans group."

Sure would like to get his take on the newest Kerry spin up and down the rivers of Vietnam with the mysterious "VC."

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