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Monday, August 23, 2004

To Hell with Rush

I'm on the cutting edge. Me, me, me.

Well, me and Greg Hlatky over at A Dog's Life who was the first to post the LBJ Silver Star story on August 11th. 'Course he could have dug it up over at CNN's story pages. (Bein' CNN, I thought that link was a fairy tale site.)

It was part of the August 15th weekly roundup at Homespun Bloggers too. (See what you're missin' by not checkin' them out every Monday?) Even that puppy blender guy tossed out a crumb of reference to the LBJ/JKerry parallel, albeit a few days later. (Great minds indeed…)

Now MSNBC wants to make a big splash over their story from today? Damn waste of time readin' that Demo-cat lovin' MSNBC anyway. We canines and our humans can smell out a story much sooner.

Okay--egotistical snit fit over. Have a nice day.

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