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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Computer Hog

Yeah, that's been AHM these last few days. Boy oh boy, if it wasn't checkin' on the hurricane it was writin' letters. I think somethin' not good is goin' on, 'cause she's been in a real pissy mood lately.

That didn't stop her from bringin' home a stray pup the other day. A big stray pup--all legs and ears. Found him wandering the streets with a chain padlocked to his collar! Geeze! Some people. 'Course he gallumped around here like a fool--got all the bitches excited, even tho' no one could do anything. He had to go off to the shelter before he broke something serious, but AHM said someone picked him up, so I guess it all turned out for the best. Sort of. Hate to think of the poor kid bein' back on that chain, though.

Then on Saturday we were out walkin' with some other dog pals--I go along when AHM helps out the neighbor dogs when their humans are away. (The rest of the pack is just too silly to go--dancin' around and barkin' and gettin' their leashes all tangled. She finally said enough when they managed to get her all tangled--with a Stop sign.)

Anyway, there we were, strollin' along the avenue late at night with Darwin (biiiiig hound) and Everton (biiiiiiggger Lab) when some kid suddenly appears out of the neighbor's drive and trips over the trash bin. He acted like nothin' was up and just walked off--with a canvas sack hangin' over his shoulder!

Bein' the smart human she is, does AHM go home and call the cops? Nooooo. The kid would be long gone by the time anyone showed up. Does she walk in the other direction? Nooooo. We go right for the chase--sort of--followin' the kid through the streets to see where he was headed. Yeah, yeah--I know what you're thinkin'. But that kid wasn't gonna' deal with anyone with three big dogs (all right--two and a half big dogs!) and a stun gun. We were an interestin' parade, though--the kid tryin' to look like he was really just out for an evening stroll (and strollin' faster with each step) and a female with three beasts strainin' at their leashes trotting half a block behind. Add some fog and a deserted moor or two and you've got a scene out of Hound(s) of the Baskervilles.

Eventually the kid turned a corner onto a street with a car driving toward him--and vanished. When we got there, he was totally gone--with no drive or house to go to--like he jumped behind a hedge to avoid gettin' caught in the car headlights. Damn! We loitered at the corner, peein' on everything and anything we could find to kill some time, but he musta' snuck off through the shrubbery. Nothin' on the other streets either. The neighbor said her car and stuff was okay when AHM checked the next day, so maybe we helped keep the neighborhood autos unmolested by a bored teenage lookin' to add to his CD collection.

Oh yeah. Speakin' of helpin', there's a site we found at A Small Victory while pawin' through everything we've missed on the blogs. It's called Strengthen the Good and they're puttin' together a bunch of bloggers to help people and families with mini-charities. Everyone should check it out--and join--ASAP.

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