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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

That Darn Fe-lying

Cat in Cockpit Forces Emergency Landing

"Brussels, Belgium (AP) - A Belgian airliner made an emergency landing after an agitated passenger--a cat--got into the cockpit and attacked the co-pilot, the airline said Tuesday.
The SN Brussels flight from the Belgian capital to Vienna, Austria, had been in the air about 20 minutes Monday when "it was noticed" that a passenger's pet had escaped from its cage, "although it is not yet clear how," according to an airline statement."

When, when, when are humans gonna' learn there is no end to fe-lying underpawed tricks? I know how to open cabinet doors, velcro fasteners, and metal jacket snaps. (Learned that last bit when AHM had the mistaken idea of buyin' us all little ski jackets to keep us warm during a real cold winter. Guess she didn't notice I'm already wearin' a fur coat!) Zippers are a bit harder, but I'm gettin' 'em.

Why would humans think fe-lyings can't do the same things? Takes 'em a bit longer, of course, but they can learn with lots of special ed classes.

"Once free, the animal proceeded to wander around the cabin," slipping into the cockpit when meals were being delivered to the two-man flight crew, it said. "At this stage the animal became agitated and nervous," it said."

Uh huh, uh huh. That's how they caught that shoe bomber wasn't it? (And how long have I been warnin' you about fe-lyings and shoes?) So the terrorist got agitated and nervous. 'Course I imagine when you're tryin' to give yourself a hotfoot you would get a bit agitated and nervous.

"An airline spokeswoman added that the cat scratched the copilot's arm. The pilot decided to return to Brussels as a precaution, and the 58 passengers departed once more two hours later on another flight."

That pilot lucked out. You know how fe-lyings usually behave. Imagine what would have happened if that cat terrorist had launched an attack on the pilot, leapin' from the dim recesses of the cockpit directly to the pilot's shoulders as we all know fe-lying terrorists love to do. That plane might have taken a swan dive.

"The cat had been checked in Oslo, Norway, in an internationally approved "flight transport bag," but the airline said it may end up changing its procedures for pets in the cabin once it concludes its investigation."

Probably a blonde, blue-eyed cat--they'll enlist all sorts to thwart security checks. I suggest airlines tell all owners to bell the cat.

"At no time throughout the incident was the passengers' security affected in any way," it said."

Well they have to say that, don't they? Can't scare the general public with just how ineffective anti-fe-lying terror precautions are. As they say, "The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men/Gang aft agley,"

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