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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Best in Show

Reuters Picture by Larry Downing  And the big red, white, and blue rosette goes to   President George W. Bush (and Barney).

        "After winning re-election and "reshaping         the rules of politics to fit his 10-gallon-hat         leadership style," President George Bush for         the second time was chosen as Time         magazine's Person of the Year.

        "The magazine's editors tapped Bush "for         sharpening the debate until the choices         bled, for reframing reality to match his         design, for gambling his fortunes — and         ours — on his faith in the power of         leadership."

Congratulations, Mr. President.

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Blogger Quality Weenie said...

You just got to love a man that takes that much pride and joy in his pets.

I watched this years White House Barney Cam video and as always it was hilerious!

A president that would act for Barney Cam has to be a great guy.

9:35 AM  

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