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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Oh, the Tragedy…

…of felyin' victims of divorce.

Massachusetts Gays Divorcing.

"The first gay divorce case in Suffolk County, which includes Boston, was filed Wednesday by a male couple who exchanged vows on May 22, five days after same-sex marriage was legalized.

"…Each man signed a settlement attesting that the marriage had "irretrievably broken down."

"The most difficult part of the settlement appeared to be custody of their three cats, who will live exclusively with the professor. But "in recognition of the emotional hardship of such relinquishment," the settlement reads, the professor agreed to provide his ex "with periodic updates, photographs, and any health-related information pertaining" to the cats."

Sounds like a new catblogger in the making.

Greg at A Dog's Life focuses on the bigger concern for society:

"Perhaps we can now have a federally-funded study to see whether cats from broken homes are more likely to claw the furniture and yack up hairballs in unwanted places than cats in stable gay households."

To borrow a phrase, here comes the junk science…

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