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Monday, December 06, 2004

Flying Pulp, Babes, and Voting

Dug up this article at Dave Barry's Blog and was reminded first of this post over at Aaron's Rantblog (who also created somethin' called Blogopoly), and second of the 2004 Weblog Awards voting.

"Zen and the Art of Pumpkin Bombing

"Our bomb runs were flown with the accuracy of Doolittle over Tokyo -- meaning I believe I could've hit a target the size of that city. Instead, the tiny boat from 500 feet looked like a beer can. In fact, as we released our first bomb, we discovered that we indeed had aimed for a beer can and the boat was at least 50 feet west of that. Missed both.

"Throughout the afternoon, wave after wave of Champs, Cubs, Taylorcrafts, and Cessna 140s droned overhead unleashing orange hell on the target with a few projectiles even getting close. And then...we saw a World War II B-25 bomber enter the pattern, make a pass...then return for a long final approach with its landing gear tucked in the wells…

"The B-25 descended slightly...opened its bomb bay doors and, from its belly, countless orbs dropped, arcing toward the target, and quickly decelerating behind the bomber.

"…Now, imagine a whole bellyload of pumpkins tumbling from a bomber and raining upon the target, striking within microseconds of each other: "Fwump, fwump... Fwump! Fwump-whump...!"

"Pulp flew in the swirling blast, mingling, twisting, and colliding like chunky napalm. The target disappeared in a maelstrom of goo, seeds, and contorted rind. The horror ... the horror ... and oh, the humanity of 50 middle-aged pilots cheering from the sidelines as the mysterious B-25 pulled up and banked away, never to be seen again."

PS. Speakin' of the 2004 Weblog Awards, don't forget to vote for the Homespun Bloggers. We're not gonna beat Drew Fark, but hey, second is certainly an achievement. So's third.

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