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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Support Your Local Mailman

Or at least don't bite 'em.

  They have a tough job this time of year, even with the catalogue count bein' down 'cause of online sales. There are still piles of cards and packages and stuff you humans send out just because other humans think you should. SHF used to spend weeks sendin' out those things. Months. In fact, she sent out boxes of cards for every day under the sun--from Valentine's Day to New Years--just so people would like her, I guess. (Bet ya' didn't know there are Labor Day cards. Yeah, neither did we until we met her.) Never could figure that out. Those silly cardboard things aren't worth crap in the chewin' department, and you humans get really pissed when we try 'em out. Send me a good ole' Dentabone® any day. But I digress.

There was a whole lot of postin' over at NRO's The Corner this past week about dogs bein' mentioned in Christmas carols (none that people could find) and that (plus the mess of little white squares driftin' out of the mailbox) reminded me canines (unlike fe-lyin's) have done their fair share of work in gettin' the holiday mail out. Gettin' all sorts of mail out, actually.

AHM and me were surfin' through the Improbable Research site the other day and ran across this story about Owney, Mascot of the Railway Mail Service.

"The tramp mail dog soon became the faithful companion of the nation's railway mail clerks. He traveled with the mail pouches wherever they went, jumping from one train to the next…mail clerks at the Albany post office fastened a note to Owney's collar asking employees of the Railway Mail Service to record his journeys by attaching leather and metal baggage tags to his collar. Soon his tiny collar was so heavy Owney could hardly hold up his head… Postmaster General John Wanamaker presented Owney with a special harness-like jacket on which the dog's souvenirs could be more evenly spread around."

So ya' see, canines haven't always been the bogeydogs of a mail carrier's existence.

If ya' wanna' know more, a bunch of books have been written about Owney. You can buy one if you want--there's even an official one published by the Postal Service (right, like they need more money!). Or, you can go here to read a tale of Owney's adventures written by children's author Carl L. Biemiller.

My pups loved it.

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Blogger ereyck said...

Thank you for the link, Harrison and AHM. I keep forgetting to update Owney's page. He is no longer at the Smithonian, but is at the Post Office museum. Maybe I'll go do that, or at least check.

*xxx* and a scratch.

1:09 PM  
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Blogger jon said...

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