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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

R.I.P. Atkins Diet

Rumor is the Atkins diet fad is over. So, in honor of all the food you humans will cram down your collective throats this Christmas season (to make up for those months of deprivin' yourselves) the BBC has made of list of fifty things you should eat before you die. Really. 'Course from the looks of this list, eatin' some of this stuff might hurry along the dyin' part. I'm not so sure I'd try 'em out even if AHM served me a silver platter full.

The really weird part about this list is AHM claims to have eaten almost every one--except for numbers 11, 22, 32 (eewww), and 37. See, when she was a kid, she got to do a lot of travelin' with her parents, so I almost believe her. (But I'm still not buyin' the monkey stew she insists she had in Indonesia.)

[They didn't tell me it was monkey until after we ate it--AHM.]

[Yeah right. Whatever you say--Harrison.]

Read the rest! for the whole list. And if some of these suggestions don't put you off your food, nothin' will.

[WARNING: Some of the food on this list might be poisonous to pets so don't feed them any no matter how much they beg for a taste--AHM.]

[How much other, less dignified pets beg, you mean--Harrison.]
1. Fresh Fish, 2. Lobster, 3. Steak, 4. Thai food, 5. Chinese food,
6. Ice cream, 7. Pizza, 8. Crab, 9. Curry, 10. Prawns

11. Moreton Bay Bugs. Yeech. Accordin' to those who know, they're not bugs at all. They're "…a saltwater crustacean…a mouth-watering treat with sweet succulent flesh that is reminiscent of lobster…one of Australia's best-loved seafoods."

12. Clam chowder, 13. Barbecues, 14. Pancakes, 15. Pasta, 16. Mussels, 17. Cheesecake 18. Lamb 19. Cream tea, 20. Alligator, 21. Oysters,
22. Kangaroo, 23. Chocolate, 24. Sandwiches, 25. Greek food 26.Burgers, 27. Mexican food, 28. Squid, 29. American diner breakfast, 30. Salmon, 31. Venison

32. Guinea pig. Now this is just gross. I would never eat a guinea pig even if someone in Peru does claim they're "savoury." Those people must be sufferin' from the thin air up there in the Andes.

33. Shark, 34. Shushi, 35. Paella

36. Barramundi. Another Australian fish. They barbecue it. 'Course they barbecue most anything down there. Maybe that's why I'm so addicted to ribs--it's in the DNA of Australians (even terriers) to eat stuff burned in a big flaming pit.

37. Reindeer (at Christmas?!), 38. Kebab, 39. Scallops, 40. Australian meat pie 41. Mango

42. Durian fruit. "[T]his…tropical fruit is…notorious for emitting a pungent, 'distinctive' odour (think clogged drains in August) from its edible, yellowish flesh. [T]he flavour…is like custard and strawberries…" AHM insists her dad made her try this…ah…fruit when they were in Indonesia, but I'm puttin' that in the "monkey stew" category.

43. Octopus (very big in France these days), 44. Ribs, 45. Roast beef, 46. Tapas, 47. Jerk chicken/pork (more barbecue, but from Jamacia this time), 48. Haggis, 49. Caviar, 50. Cornish pasty


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