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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Finding Snowball

UPDATE: Sarah G. directed me to this link which has more on the Aquarium.

"A small team of staff is working around the clock to care for the collection and is preparing to move some animals out of the facility. Unfortunately, without a fully functioning life support system, most of the fish in the collection were lost. But the good news is that the sea otters, penguins, leafy and weedy seadragons, macaws, raptors, an electric eel, and the white alligator are fine. Midas, the infamous 250 lb. sea turtle, survived and has been coaxed into the holding area in the Gulf of Mexico Exhibit. Please keep the Aquarium staff in your thoughts and prayers. This is a heartbreaking time for all of them."

Reuniting pets and their humans:

"The 56-year-old woman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., runs puppymillrescue.com and launched another site, katrinafoundpets.com, to help pair Snowball and other lost pets with their owners. She also started a reward fund _ which hit $1,775 as of Monday _ hoping money might persuade people to help out."

It was mistakenly said (by me and others) Snowball was a Yorkie (picture at link), but is probably a toy poodle or poodle/terrier mix.

Also, the "Interdictor" has reported the sad new all the fish at the Aquarium of the Americas have died.

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