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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mississippi/Alabama Urgent Help


Date: 2005-09-06, 2:46PM CDT


I was in Waveland [MS] this morning (I'm a news reporter). There are
dozens of injured and emaciated dogs and cats roaming the streets
and the beach, and NO animal rescue is doing anything for them. The
Waveland shelter is closed, the animals have no food and water. When
I stopped my car, I was immediately surrounded by half a dozen
friendly dogs - labs, australian shepherds, dachshunds - who have
been abandoned by their owners and now are looking for help since
seven days now!!!

I took two of the most serious injured to the Humane Society shelter
in Gulfport, but they are already at capacity.

I will bring a trunk full of dog and cat food and water tomorrow
early morning into Waveland again and will try to help those pets as
good as I can. But I`m basically on my own. I intend to bring out two more injured dogs/cats on my way back to Mobile.

Is there ANYONE in Mobile or surroundings willing to take one or two
and foster them back to health? I will even bring them to Mobile. I'm from Phoenix and have to return Friday. I cannot understand why NO rescue organisation is present down there.

Anyone able to help email me today or call my cell 602-690-6657.
God bless!"

posted by Harrison at 10:42 PM


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