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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Vote for the Ass...

…to follow an Ass.

Democracy delivered by donkey

Readin' that headline nearly made me toss my Liver Snaps® this mornin'. For a second I thought this guy had been elected again and we were in real trouble.

But, no…

"HERDS of mountain donkeys have been helping to bring democracy to some of the remotest areas of Afghanistan. The democracy donkeys have been co-opted for the task of delivering 40 million ballot papers because they can penetrate mountain passes and muddy valleys beyond the reach of other transport.

"More than 400 international observers are in Afghanistan to monitor the elections, and some of them have had to follow the trail of the donkeys to ensure that the precious ballot papers are not lost, stolen or damaged."

Isn't that Housebuilder in Chief big on doin' those election observation things--didn't he "observe" democracy in action Cuban-style? Seems to me this particular observin' job is taylor-made for him--make the ass follow an ass.

Dug up at Instapundit.

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