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Monday, January 02, 2006

Okay, Sucker! Who Stole My Opposable Thumbs?

While discussin' the cloned dog scam in Korea, Wonderdog Cal asked: "And why are cats...easier to clone than dogs? Could it be that dogs are more complex genetically?"

Well, dogs are people too, ya' know.

"The genetic makeup of the dog…has been deciphered and should help identify genes that make both dogs and people vulnerable to cancers, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, blindness, deafness and even some psychiatric disorders, scientists said Wednesday.

"Dog DNA is already teaching several lessons about human DNA. For one thing, comparisons between DNA of dogs, humans and mice revealed elaborate controls on the activity of certain human genes active in early development,…

Notice fe-lyings are not included in that list.

"The three-way comparisons also showed that some genetic features found in humans but not mice aren't really unique to people, but also appear in dogs,…

"Researchers also estimated that dogs have 19,300 genes, almost all of them canine versions of genes found in people."

So I guess the answer, Cal, is yes…the fe-lyin' is simple and easy to copy. Certainly not a so-called "superior life form." And not worth ruinin' your Xerox machine tryin' to duplicate. (I've noticed you humans like copyin' things weird things like butts and boobs, though, so someone will probably try.)

The canine, on the other paw, is virtually human.

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