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Saturday, January 28, 2006


It aint just for reporters any more.

Okay, so the Seattle Seahawks might have a lot goin' for 'em, but original thinkin' isn't part of the mix.

"With the Super Bowl approaching, the Seattle Seahawks' own 12th Man flag caught the attention of Texas A&M fans who watched the Seattle team advance during the NFL playoffs.

"A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne said the Office of Collegiate Licensing is working on having the Seahawks cease and desist their use of the trademark. "We had similar situations with the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears, and they responded quickly with our requests to stop using our Twelfth Man trademark," Byrne said in his weekly update address. "But Seattle has been slow-rolling us."

"Representatives from the Seahawks would not comment.

"The Aggies' Twelfth Man tradition started in 1922 when E. King Gill, a student not on the football team, suited up and stood on the sidelines of a football game in case his help was needed."


Now if we can just get 'em to stop usin' the idea of wavin' towels as if they were the first team that ever thought of it. Hmmm… Now which city was it that adopted somethin' as silly as whippin' a towel around to cheer on the team? Oh...yeah…it was…

Pittsburgh—as in Steelers!*

Strange I can't find any pictures of the ole' Seahawks' "rally towel" on the net—not even at the Seahawks' own pro shop. The only one out there seems to be this guy sellin' one on e-bay, and he's so worried about people copyin' it, he's got "Picture property of --- ebay seller" plastered all over the place!

"This towel is to depict the "12th Man" which Seattle fans are famous for, it represents us the fans cheering on our team as loud as we can to help our defense by distracting the other team!"

Wonder if he'll get distracted from his game when he gets that "cease and desist" order?

*This is, ironically, the 30th anniversay season of the creation of The Terrible Towel, so it's been around longer than the entire Seahawk franchise! "In 1996 Mr. Cope gave the rights to Myron Cope's Official Terrible Towel to the Allegheny Valley School in Coraopolis, PA. The school provides care for more than 900 children, adults and senior citizens with mental retardation and physical disabilities. Proceeds from the Terrible Towel have helped raise almost $1 million for the school."

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